Kedu Afam Bu

Chinedum Muotto

About Us

Find your inner voice . . . .

Poet and performance artist Chinedum Muotto conjures magic through various creative means as he takes us on journeys concertedly to places known and unknown. Muotto invites the utilization of voice and body as means through which, we as people, can re-establish ourselves and respective communities beyond space and time. He is a multi-disciplined artist ranging from poetry, visual arts, performance and sculpture. As we emerge from this pandemic Muotto is concerned on how we can go about intentionally curating care beyond performative notions. We seek to work with communities globally by using the arts to disrupt the daily narratives around social injustices. 

Chinedum Muotto Son of Ngozi Muotto – Truly, I am my mother’s son. (We) are Writer, Poet, Educator and Performer, whose works have been featured internationally. Current interests are around bringing creativity to education systems by utilising XR technology, creating a truly immersive experience.