Why Chinedum?


Welcome to my site, My name is Chinedum Muotto and I excel at doing things beyond my imagination. My origins are African, hailing from the Biafran state in West Africa. I have been honoured to choose several places home now I choose to create it in the places I go. I guess I have always been curious of new ideas and ways of being beyond the ordinary, hence why wearing multiple hats naturally fit me. I have been privileged to work with several sectors from Tech, Finance, Volunteering, Acting, Entrepreneurship and The Art. All of which excite me when in balance with one another. Now I am on a mission to use these lived experiences and learnt skillsets to make a positive impact in my respective communities globally. I hope for lots of learning and collaboration on the way. Will you come on this artistic journey with me?


Chinedum Muotto


Creativity & Change (Level 9 Certificate Degree) (Art & Design)

MA Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies (Sociology)

BA Business Studies (Business Management)

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become (Carl Gustav Jung)