Who is Chinedum Muotto?

Bio Chinedum

Welcome to my site, My name is Chinedum Muotto and I excel at doing things beyond my imagination. My origins are African, hailing from the Biafran state in West Africa. I have been honoured to choose several places home now I choose to create it in the places I go. I guess I have always been curious of new ideas and ways of being beyond the ordinary, hence why wearing multiple hats naturally fit me. I have been privileged to work with several sectors from Tech, Finance, Volunteering, Acting, Entrepreneurship and The Art. All of which excite me when in balance with one another. Now I am on a mission to use these lived experiences and learnt skillsets to make a positive impact in my respective communities globally. I hope for lots of learning and collaboration on the way. Will you come on this artistic journey with me?


Offering a range of services designed to inspire and educate, Chinedum Muotto brings his unique artistic perspective to various workshops and programs. His offerings include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, self-awareness and creativity workshops, and XR creativity sessions. Each program is tailored to encourage participants to explore their creative potential while addressing important societal themes. Muotto’s expertise in blending art with social commentary provides a transformative experience for communities seeking to engage deeply with the arts.


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