What We Do

We Make People wonder . . .

We conjure magic through various creative journeys concertedly to places known & unknown. Utilising indigenous methodologies centred around present-ness with space, time and place we will explore different wide and far reaching themes as a means of travelling the world. One sure was of doing that is through discourse. They say the conversations we have shape us hence why we need to get creative on how it is we speak given new advancing technologies in Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. I say all of this as a means of saying the answers to the future lie in the past but are discussed in the present.

Our Services

YOur values

Chinedum Muotto Sat in between 2 glass doors

(M)³ - (Music, Maths, ME)

In Music, Maths & Me we will explore the music creation process, defining how we connect with sounds, rhythms and self. What is the power of music in shaping how we view the world and our place in the world. What are the sounds we hear and how are they created? Using a mixture of digital and traditional methods, we will create and explore music that stimulates the senses.

Learning Objective:

– Creating & Manipulating sounds

– Understanding the rhythm & numbers

– Writing in SYNC

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.
— Pythagoras

Art & Nature - (Outdoor)

In art and nature, we will explore our spatial environs by embarking on mindful journeys on how climate change manifests itself in the physical/digital world.  This collaborative active engages participants to venture into their immediate surroundings looking for what seems out of place. These found objects will then allow us to come together to touch, feel and wonder using our hands and minds. 

Learning Objectives: 

– Spatial awareness
– Eco-awareness
– Personal awareness 

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. —Lao Tzu



Food has been known to bring people together since the beginning of time, and we still believe this age old tradition can bring us together today with a purpose. In our Diversity & Dinners we will table held beliefs, open the can of intersectionality, dine with our intrinsic biases eating toward an inclusive & future. 


– Provided in pods of 3/5/7/9+ persons
– 2 course meal included & refreshments 
– games and discussions around social justice themes

If we want a beloved community, we must stand for justice. – Bell Hooks

Web 3.0 & Me

What does it mean to inhabit space within the meta verse? How do you explore the unlimited digital possibilities to be online? Book a tour for an Augmented reality installation at The Dean Arts Studios or better yet we can come present to you. Jpin us as we explore a new age of digitisation.


– Understanding your digital footprint
– Exploring augmented & virtual reality
– Online safety and awareness.

 It’s not that we use technology, we live technology – Godfrey Reggio