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Mami wata

Mami Wata: Mmiri Niile

Commissioned by Dublin City Council Culture Company

Project description:

Location: Sean MacDermott Street Swimming Pool. Sean Mac Dermott Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

So I had the idea of Mami Wata, which was to marry indigenous spiritual beliefs/practises as a means of inviting women of African Descent to the Dublin Sport & Fitness swimming facilities to learn how to swim within a creative structure and practical exchange. 

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge Installation 

Commissioned by Irish Museum of Modern Art

Project description:

Location: Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 8, Kilmainham, Ireland.

The idea for the installation came from interests in exploring the intersection of art and climate cange which would go on to feature in future works. This resulted in an interactive piece exploring the games we play in seeking refuge from here, there and everywhere.

Wet Floor

Wet Floor

Comissioned as part of the Glitch program by reContemporary (Turin, Italy) with technical support from Digital Arts Studio (Belfast) and current on show at Dean Arts Studios (Dublin, Ireland).

Project Description:

Location: Biblioteca Civica, Torino, Italy.

My interest lay firmly in my opinion the performative notion of wet floor signs. With this Augmented reality piece I argue that wet floor signs are merely performances and means by which the proprietor seeks to negate liabilityIn my re-appropriation of the wet-floor sign, it also to find new ways of speaking to the public within our publics, whilst also the need to find new signs and symbols that allow for pertinent discourses to occur.


Seeing is being

Seeing is Being 

Created as part of IMPACT IMPACT22 – LOCAL FABRICS: On Practices of Emergence Symposium.

Project description:

Location: PACT Zollverin, D-45327 Essen, Germany.

The idea of PACT was to do with coal and the impact the extractive industry had both to the topography as well as identical psychology of the area. It invited action in a wide range of artistic, social, bodily, scientific, ecological and other relational practices. I chose hence to explore this through movement, music and 3D technology.


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Chinedum immersed in a digitally created world - colours are black and gold in a liquid like state


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Chinedum With Saxophone in hand


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Visual & Sculpture

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